Patron Dinner Honorees

At our annual Patron Dinner we honor individuals and companies who have made a significant difference in helping protect our river.

Congratulations to our Patron Dinner honorees:


River Guardian Award: John Pruitt

River Steward Award: Stephanie Stuckey


River Leader Award: Ambassador Andrew Young

River Guardian Award: Drs. Sally and Pete Parsonson

River Sustainability Award: Ericsson

River Steward Award: Charles Smith

River Hero Award: Bill Cox


2015 Special Honor:  Mayor Kasim Reed, River Leader Award

River Guardian Award: Dave and Mary Jane Kirkpatrick (and the Hampshire Foundation)

River Advocate Award: Aveda Corporation

River Sustainability Award: Emory University

River Hero Award: Amanda Mayberry


20th Anniversary Gala – Sally Bethea


River Guardian Award: Cox Enterprises, Inc.

River Sustainability Award: UPS

River Hero Award: Jerry McCollum, retired president, Georgia Wildlife Federation

River Awareness Award: Fran Burst (Burst Video/Film) and Brandon Danowski (Method Studios)


River Guardian Award: Bert Ellis, Ellis Communications

River Steward Award: Warren Budd, former member, Georgia DNR Board

River Sustainability Award: TOTO USA

River Advocate Award: April Ingle, Georgia River Network


River Guardian Award: Smith, Gambrell & Russell

River Benefactor Award: Thomas E. Noonan

River Advocate Award: Chattahoochee Chapter of Trout Unlimited

River Partner Award: Darryl Haddock, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance

Legacy Recognition: Gandy Glover


River Guardian Award: Ray Anderson and Interface, Inc.

River Sustainability Award: The Georgia Institute of Technology

River Legislator Award: Rep. Debbie Buckner and Rep. Doug McKillip


River Guardian Award: Mayor Shirley Franklin

River Guardian Award: The Coca-Cola Company

River Awareness Award: Stacy Shelton, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

River Educator Award: Elachee Nature Science Center


River Guardian: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

River Steward Award: Vasser Woolley Foundation

River Awareness Award: SweetWater Brewing Company

River Heroes Award: Georgia Riverkeepers


River Guardian Award: Taylor Glover, Turner Enterprises, Inc.

River Steward Award: Phyllis Bowen, Sapelo Foundation

River Legislator Award: Rep. Brian Thomas

River Awareness Award: National Park Service, Chattahoochee River NRA


River Guardian Award: Steve O’Day

River Legislator Award: Sen. Seth Harp

River Neighbor Award: Mildred Burdette

River Steward Award: Pete Frost, Douglasville – Douglas County Water & Sewer Authority


River Guardian Award: James C. Kennedy

River Educator Award: Dr. Becky Champion and John Shepard, Hamline University

River Corporate Citizen Award: Allied Waste Industries, Inc.

River Neighbor Award: A.J. James


River Guardian Award: Ted Turner

River Protector Award: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


River Guardian Award: Mayor Shirley Franklin

Mike Egan Legislator Award: Sen. Hugh Gillis

River Pioneer Award: Judge Ogden Doremus

River Responder Award: Dr. Bert Langley, GA Environmental Protection Division


River Guardian Award: Dr. Stephen Draper

River Steward Award: Cathy Woolard, Atlanta City Council

River Monitor Award: Ed Martin, U.S. Geological Survey


River Guardian Award: Roy Richards, Jr., Southwire

Mike Egan Legislator Award: Rep. DuBose Porter

River Pioneer Award: Russ England and Jimmy Evans, GA Wildlife Resources Division


River Guardian Award: Lindsay Thomas

River Defender Award: Sen. Michael J. Egan


River Guardian Award: John A. Williams, Post Properties

River Voice Award: Billy Winn, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

River Monitor Award: Sutton Middle School


River Guardian Award: Lt. Governor Pierre Howard


River Guardian Award: Charles Seabrook, Atlanta Journal-Constitution