CRK has been working on the issues surrounding the Tri-State Water Conflict for nearly 20 years. We focus on the following areas to help resolve this conflict while being a voice for the resource that so many people depend on:

  • CRK is educating businesses, local governments, and communities through our No Time to Waste campaign, which emphasizes cost-effective water saving measures.
  • CRK is working in collaboration with the Georgia Water Coalition and other partners to promote water conservation as a sustainable means of securing our water supply while protecting instream flows for fish, wildlife, recreation, and drinking water.
  • CRK is a member of the ACF Stakeholders, a diverse stakeholder effort working to achieve a sustainable water management plan for the entire ACF Basin.
  • CRK is also a member of the Tri-State Conservation Coalitionconsisting of 30 organizations representing environmental and recreational interests throughout the ACF Basin.
  • CRK is monitoring flow at critical places in the river, including Peachtree Creek below Metro Atlanta.
  • CRK is promoting sustainable regional and state water planning efforts.

For more information about the tri-state water conflict and CRK’s efforts to resolve the dispute, contact Water Policy Director Chris Manganiello or call (404) 352-9828 ext. 15.