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RiverCHAT Newsletter: Summer 2018

Read the latest stories and news in the RiverCHAT Newsletter: Summer 2018 edition!

Neighborhood Water Watch Highlighted in New Video!

Watch our new video about Neighborhood Water Watch! Since 2010, we have been working with NWW partners to improve water quality in urban streams and protect human health in surrounding communities. This project would not be possible without the dedication of volunteers that collect water samples each week. CRK’s Headwaters office currently relies on 16 volunteers that monitor 26 sites. So far in 2018, these volunteers have collected 439 samples! If you are interested in becoming a NWW volunteer, contact Mike Meyer.

Supreme Court Extends Water
Wars Trial

U.S Supreme Court Sends Water Wars Case Back to Special Master

Today [June 27, 2018] the U.S. Supreme Court issued its opinion in the Florida v. Georgia water wars case.  The Supreme Court Justices were deciding whether or not to accept an appointed special master’s recommendation to essentially dismiss Florida’s case seeking limits on Georgia’s water use primarily in Metro Atlanta along the Chattahoochee and on agricultural lands along the Flint.

Writing for the Court, Justice Stephen Breyer held that Florida’s case should not be dismissed and sent it back to the special master.  Now, the special master must consider all of Florida’s claims and determine if there is a solution that will balance relief to Florida’s oyster fishery against any potential impacts to Georgia’s economic interests in Atlanta and its South Georgia farms.  Read more>>>

What comes next in Georgia’s water wars? Read here>>>

Community Spotlight

The We Serve People Restaurant Group houses the culinary and entertainment concepts of Atlanta based chef Calavino Donati and Musician/Activist Doria Roberts. It is here where the couple passionately marries food and the arts with their various philanthropic efforts and interests. While “Farm to Ear” promotes and supports locavores and local music, “Sip + Salvage” (part swap meet/party cocktail party) raises awareness about the importance of upcycling and repurposing.

Their latest effort, “The Green Tea Initiative”, focuses on water and the use (and abuse) of it in cafe culture. The project’s ultimate goal is to bring actionable awareness to the forefront by implementing a nationally recognized “green certification status” for environmental stewards in the industry who serve you “The World in Your Cup”.


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